An Introduction to Innovation Coaching

When you should hire an innovation coach

As a business, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition. To be more innovative and unique, consider hiring an advisor or coach who can provide you with tools and resources to improve your practices and encourage creativity and collaboration. Today we look into what innovation coaching is, how it differs from innovation workshops, and when you should consider hiring an innovation coach.

What is innovation coaching?

An innovation coach is a mentor who comes into your organization and provides you with ongoing tools, resources, and support to help you fulfill your innovation and business goals. Innovation coaching will provide you with long-term support over a specified period of time.

Innovation workshops versus innovation coaching

Innovation workshops often refer to short, one-time sessions of innovation training that occurs over a span of a few hours. In contract, innovation coaching will occur over multiple sessions for a longer period of time. Both innovation training and innovation coaching can provide you with tools, templates, and techniques to grow your innovation capability and results.

When should I hire an innovation coach?

You should consider hiring an innovation coach if you need long-term support in reaching your goals. If you are just starting with transforming your company or organization to be more innovative, coaching can provide continuous direction in your effort. However, if you are further along in your innovation efforts, consider hiring an innovation trainer. Trainers can build on your skills and provide you with new ways of thinking about your goals.

Although innovation coaching isn’t for every business, it can be incredibly helpful. This is especially if you need sustained support to improve practices across departments in your organization. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, every company can benefit enabling creativity and collaboration to grow at work.

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