Coaching, workshops, activities, tools & techniques to facilitate others through the design sprint process.

Do you need to facilitate your team or group of customers through the design sprint process? Are you interested in creating a new design sprint program or even ideation service? You can learn to facilitate a design sprint with the tools, techniques and activities commonly used in the program. A blended coaching + online Facilitator Training Tools and Techniques program can begin to prepare you for your leadership role as a design sprint facilitator, and these additional tools and resources are also available to you. Learn more about the design sprint, what to expect, and how you can complete design sprint facilitator training below.

What is a design sprint?

The design sprint is a fact-paced, collaborative approach to ideation and problem solving. Typically completed in the span of 5 days, a design sprint sets your team up to think creatively and problem solve with structured activities and methods that have proven to work. Learn more about this process in our design sprint training post.

What does a design sprint look like?

The design sprint consists of a series of structured innovation activities over the course of days. This includes mapping out your problem, rapid brainstorms, sketching, and many other activities to help with problem solving. You will then create a prototype of the chosen solution and gain feedback from real potential customers.

Review these design sprint videos for further understanding of these steps in the process.

Who should participate in these design sprint facilitator training programs?

This design sprint training is perfect for directors, consultants, managers, and other organization leaders. We designed our in-depth program offerings for leaders who want to bring more innovation and collaboration to your organization. This program is built for anyone interested in helping customers, teams and individuals use the design sprint process to develop new products or services and improve existing processes.

If you already have experience with design sprints we can connect you to a coach who can help you take your facilitation skill to a higher level. We can recommend tailored approaches based on your level or goals such as a combination of co-facilitating your first design sprint with a coach and then ongoing coaching as you begin to progress on your own.

Design Sprint Facilitator Resources & Guides

Jake Knapp Miro Design Sprint Template and other Miro templates

Checklists for Facilitators from the Sprint Book

Design Sprint as Facilitator

Are you ready to go beyond books and guides and work with a real design sprint facilitator coach or trainer? Contact us today to learn more about design sprint facilitator training and receive further advice and resources to begin your customized program today.