Focus on learning to innovate for better healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, care, and help your healthcare system. Whether you are a part of a clinic or hospital or pharma or medical device company, see these healthcare innovation training resources. Below is a video on rethinking healthcare delivery.

Description of Stanford Business School Video: In recent years, a plethora of new technologies have been released that can enable new models for delivering health care–and more are on the way. This discussion explored how two major providers screen, choose, adopt, and integrate new technologies into their standards of care, taking into account the larger context of their organizations.

The session featured Yan Chow, Director of Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation and Advanced Technology Group, and Molly Coye, Chief Innovation Officer of the UCLA Health System. It was moderated by Arnold Milstein, Director of Stanford’s Clinical Excellence Research Center, and Stefanos Zenios of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

This session took place at the 2013 Healthcare Innovation Summit sponsored by the Stanford GSB’s Program in Healthcare Innovation.