You can begin learning and get started with focused design thinking and healthcare innovation training in your medical organization. This is relevant whether you provide patient care or a product or service for to medical institutions, practices, or healthcare systems. Learn the basics for applying design thinking, a popular approach for healthcare also known as human centered design. We recommend you start with an online workshop you can access immediately to work on your own innovation challenge for healthcare. The online healthcare innovation training workshop includes 1 hour and 15 minutes of videos plus materials. This online workshop touches on:

  • SKILLS: See the most critical skills for our changing world and how you’ve already been leveraging them when you’ve learned and done new things.
  • MINDSET: Access the attitude that will help you to keep learning, growing, & taking innovative action.
  • PROCESS: Learn the simple Innovation Step-by-Step approach and methods to use for your challenges in your work and life.
  • ACTION: Begin your own innovation project for the purpose of learning, developing skills, and creating something new that can impact others and yourself.

    Use this healthcare innovation online workshop to help you start to work on a healthcare innovation challenge of your choosing. How can you innovate in your healthcare organization for the changing future?

    1. New programs or services for specific outcomes?
    2. Enhance specific client experience or satisfaction?
    3. Catalyze a “culture of innovation” in your dept. or org.?
    4. High-impact first three minutes with a patient?
    5. Utilize new technology for productivity in your role?
    6. Leverage, productize, or digitize your expertise?
    7. New ways to provide value or generate revenue?
    8. Reduce waste of money or time (no shows, charting)?
    9. Improve efficiency or simplify processes?
    10. Regulation adaption with the Affordable Care Act, etc.?

Healthcare Design Thinking Training

Human Centered Design is a popular approach for healthcare innovation. Design Thinking beings with empathy. You can event start your innovation process with just the emerging needs of your stakeholders as a challenge. Use design thinking to zero in on the problems, opportunities, or unmet needs of your patients, clients, colleagues, or stakeholders. Learn how to apply design thinking to enhance your healthcare organization for the future in our bonus “coaching screenshare” video.

You can get started learning design thinking for healthcare with the online healthcare innovation training workshop today or contact us at [email protected] for other options such as onsite workshops.

Healthcare Innovation Training Resources

We can also connect you to other healthcare innovation resources like

Utilizing Performance Improvement (LEAN/SixSigma) and Human Centered Design to Improve the Healthcare System from the Patient Perspective

as well as healthcare innovation videos such as the one below.

Description of Yale School of Management Video: This panel, with perspectives from across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, will explore innovative solutions to address critical global health issues.

Topics include:
Better health without breaking the bank
Sustainable healthcare financing: fact or fiction?
Biomedical product innovation: promises and pitfalls
Future trends in health: the good and the bad