We want to help you innovate to help patients, our healthcare systems, and medical products with our healthcare innovation training resources. View my favorite healthcare innovation slideshares to help you learn quickly and visually through clicking through well designed presentations. Identify trends for transformation in healthcare, and see new technologies you may be able to apply to innovate in healthcare. There are many problems seeking solutions and opportunities for new ideas in healthcare. A strategic focus could be to integrate technology in a variety of settings like we are seeing in the HealthTech trend.

Healthcare Transformation

This very visual and chart filled Health Catalyst slideshare on Transforming Healthcare: The Promise of Innovation

The description of this presentation from Health Catalyst is: “A number of powerful technologies are on the verge of producing dramatic change in how, when and where care is delivered, including artificial intelligence, genomics, monitoring sensors, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, mobile computing technologies and others. This technology-driven change will dramatically impact all healthcare providers, and it will propel healthcare into the realm of Big Data.

Participants will:

Appreciate the role of innovation in healthcare’s future.
Understand the classes of technology that will foster innovation and drive change.
Learn how technology-driven change will support data-driven improvement and population health management.
Know how these technologies will impact analytics.
Understand the application of transformational principles in light of the many engaging practitioner discussions at the recently concluded Health Analytics Summit.

The future is becoming clearer and it promises to be exciting, impactful, and powerful for patients and healthcare providers alike.”

Healthcare Innovation Design

This Redesign network slideshare presentation from Peter Jones Ph.D. is about “leading Healthcare Innovation as a design-led process, including contexts of design in complex problems, value-based business models, and innovation centres.”

Managing Healthcare Innovation as a Design Process


This healthtech focused slideshare is from Julien de Salaberry title Healthcare: Innovate or Die. The description states that “Healthcare, along with many other sectors, is facing increasing uncertainty driven by technology disruption and greater individual / patient empowerment.”

Applying New Technologies for Healthcare Innovation

This slideshare from Lucien Engelen suggests approaching healthcare innovation like pharma development.