Design Thinking AI Image Concept Prototyping

Demonstration Video on How to Use AI to Create Idea or Concept Visuals and Rough Prototype Images

Artificial Intelligence in Design Thinking Innovation In this video we demonstrate how to use AI tools like Dall-E and Midjourney to create images for ideas. We also show how to use artificial intelligence ideation helper ChatGPT with these tools to develop your ideas into visual “rough prototypes” you can show and describe. Learn more in…

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AI for Ideation | How to use AI to brainstorm and generate ideas

Here’s a demonstration of how to use AI to help you brainstorm or generate ideas. AI can be a powerful tool to use in your innovation, design thinking, or ideation projects. We demonstrate how to use popular tools like OpenAI playground and ChatGPT to generate and develop ideas for a number of questions and purpose.…

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Using AI to learn what is important to learn about Design Thinking (ChatGPT Open AI)

I’ve been having fun with the Open AI chatbot ChatGPT. So far over a million people have tried this and have been surprised with some of the “conversations” they have been having with the AI. This tool is made by OpenAI. ChatGPT allows you to chat with the AI and get ideas or knowledge in…

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