Watch these top TED Talks for advice, tips, and trends in the design thinking process.

Design thinking is a methodology focused around creative solutions to problem-solving, innovation-led mindsets, and customer-centered design. One way to learn about design thinking – and how you can apply it to your own organization – is through watching videos from innovation professionals. Here we have laid out top design thinking TED Talks to aid in your organization’s innovation efforts.

Designers, Think Big

In this video, CEO and President of IDEO Tim Brown discusses the need for a design thinking culture – one that is collaborative and participatory in nature and encourages risk.

Build Your Creative Confidence

David Kelley, founder of IDEO, provides useful tips on how to build confidence in your creative mindset and allow it to guide you throughout the innovation and design process.

Tell Me How to Make Toast

Tom Wujec uses a simple example of making toast to outline the creative process as a series of steps that teams can use to unlock creative solutions and reveal unexpected truths about their challenge.

Secrets to Great Design

In this design thinking TED Talk, Tony Fadell provides tips on how to notice and drive change in every area of your life, by asking the necessary question “Could things be better?”

Habits of Original Thinkers

Gain some advice and inspiration on how to generate new ideas with this TED Talk by psychologist Adam Grant on the surprising habits of original thinkers. Grant’s work covers how ordinary people discover the extraordinary, and the habits that drive their actions.

Design Thinking is Not Just for Designers

This TED Talk covers how user-driven design is necessary for all organizations – and not just designers. Discover how every member of your staff could benefit from the design thinking process in this video by Noah Ullmann.

Theory of Creativity

Duncan Wardle discusses the importance of creativity and why it’s so necessary for everyone in a world of increasingly automated processes.

Designing Your Life

The final video on our list of design thinking TED Talks is from Dave Evans, the co-founder of the Stanford Life Design Lab and video game company Electronic Arts. Evans provides advice on how to use design thinking methodology to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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