HCD Training – Discover our guide to books, articles, tools, and other human-centered design training resources.

One up-and-coming innovation framework is human-centered design, an approach centered around the end user and their unique problems and needs. Train yourself on “HCD with this guide” The evolving HCD framework is a wonderful way to view the innovation process and develop custom solutions that match up with what the end user needs to be successful. Dive deeper with human-centered design workshops to learn more about this approach and develop your skill in it. Become aware of the top books, articles, videos, tools, and other resources for human-centered design training below.

What is Human-Centered Design?

According to IDEO, one of the leaders in innovation and design, human-centered design is “a creative approach to problem solving” and a process that “starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs.” By developing a deep understanding of the people you are designing a product, service, or solution for, you can create an innovative design that is right for them.

Human-centered design typically includes three phases, including:

  • Inspiration: learn directly from the people you’re designing for
  • Ideation: brainstorm and identify opportunities for design, prototype possible solutions
  • Implementation: bring your solution to life and – eventually – to market

Human-Centered Design Books

1. The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design

This textbook by IDEO leaders is your comprehensive guide to practicing human-centered design at your organization. Discover practical tips, worksheets, and case studies of this approach in action.

2. Innovating for People: Human-Centered Planning Cards

This deck of planning cards describes thirty-six methods to human-centered design. Organized by key design skills, these cards will help you better understand your audience and how to design based on human needs.

3. Designing Human-Centric AI Experiences: Applied UX Design for Artificial Intelligence (Design Thinking)

This book focuses on human-centered design with AI. How can we utilize new machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to improve the human experience and design better products? Learn more in this book.

4. Design for Belonging: How to Build Inclusion and Collaboration in Your Communities

This book by Stanford’s d.school considers design from the perspective of building inclusion and collaboration. Includes stories from leaders and scholars as well as frameworks, tools, and tips.

Human-Centered Design Toolkits

1. IDEO – Methods of Implementation

IDEO offers a comprehensive toolkit featuring advice for each of the three phases of human-centered design. Discover tips such as how to better understand your end user, how to make a prototype, and how to assess if your solution is working properly.

2. Luma Institute – LUMA Workplace

LUMA Workplace is a human-centered design and design thinking toolkit aimed at giving organizations the skills and knowledge to be more creative, collaborative, and customer-centric. With on-demand resources and tools, this program is great to use when preparing for a design workshop with your team.

Human-Centered Design Guides

1. Wired – Why Human-Centered Design Matters

This article gives a convincing argument for the importance of human-centered design. It also provides helpful tips on how to implement this framework, such as asking the right questions and using user feedback as a resource for ideation and creation.

2. Four Principle of Human-Centered Design

This Medium article lays out four critical principles in order to successfully implement human-centered design. This includes: 1) focusing on the people, 2) finding the right problem, 3) thinking of everything as a system, and 4) testing everything.

3. User Testing – Understanding IDEO’s Approach to Human-Centered Design

This comprehensive article explains IDEO’s approach to human-centered design and the six phases of the design process outlined by IDEO. It also showcases examples of the process in action and the types of products and solutions that resulted.

4. What is human-centered design & how to get started

This Mural article provides an overview of HCD and its stages. There are also a few examples included to provide an introduction to the methodology and design process.

5. Why Is Human-Centered Design Important?

This Medium article makes the case for the importance of HCD and its role in enhancing the user experience. Learn about HCD from another quality source here.

Human-Centered Design Training

These human-centered design training resources can be used to understand this unique approach to innovation and get started at your organization. Contact us to learn more about our human-centered design training and HCD workshops that we can bring to your site.

What are some of your favorite resources, books, activities, tools, or techniques for human-centered design? Let us know in the comments.