Find out what a human-centered design workshop encompasses and when your organization may benefit from a training here.

Human-centered design is an up-and-coming innovation framework that essentially works as an extension of the design thinking process. If your organization is interested in becoming better at innovating with a human-centered design workshop, you’ll want to learn more about this evolving framework and how you can tap into its methodology here.

About Human-Centered Design Training

Not sure how to implement the human-centered design methodology into your own work and that of your organization? Find out how to innovate smarter and faster through training. A Human-Centered Design workshop will help you start and finish with the end user in mind. Find solutions that actually work through rapid prototyping and ideation. Through our human-centered design training workshops, you can practice and cultivate the framework of human-centered design and build a toolkit to leverage for future use. 

Who is Human-Centered Design Training for? 

Our workshops are designed for anyone looking to innovate, create a culture of innovation, and adapt their mindset to create something new. Organizations, companies, and schools can benefit from our in-person human-centered design workshops, as well as our other online programs for design thinking and innovation.

We can design a custom program for you and your participants to get better at ideation, prototyping, and implementation. Our programs are highly collaborative and designed to get every member of your team involved in the process. You’ll learn the human-centered design methodology as well as gain tools and techniques to implement it within your own unique organizational challenges.

What are the Benefits of Human-Centered Design Workshops? 

The organizations who are truly innovative understand that their products and services need to directly answer their customers needs and desires. By learning to build with the end user in mind, you can develop better solutions to your organizational challenges and stay ahead of your competition. Companies that are already innovating can learn new ways to work together, generate ideas, and implement change throughout their organization. Companies who might not have ever thought of innovation before can be shown that this methodology has a place at every type of company and organization.

Human-centered design and innovation is about moving forward and responding to changing customer ideals, expectations, needs, and wants. In order to truly thrive as a company or organization moving forward, you need to continuously find ways to bring about forward movement and change.

Human-Centered Design Workshop with

If you’d like to get started with human-centered design training, consider completing a workshop with us! Our programs are custom-tailored toward your specific needs and experience level. From beginners to more advanced training needs, we can help you familiarize yourself with the innovation and human-centered design process. Your team will work on a real-life project where you can take the techniques you’ve learned and apply them to  a problem your organization is facing.

Our goal is to help make these frameworks simple and accessible to your team. We can get you started with the basics or complete a follow-up lesson with more advanced techniques. You can see examples of our HCD workshop style on our design thinking workshop page.

Contact us for more information about our customized human-centered design workshop training or how to get started with creating innovation at your organization.