innovator scorecard assessment survey

Innovation Test with the Innovator Scorecard Assessment

You can take an innovation test to self-assess your own leadership for innovation with the Innovator Scorecard. The assessment is about 20 questions in length and takes about 3 minutes to complete. This resource is currently free and you can click here to try it. Our favorite part of this innovation test is you receive…

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Waterfall vs Agile

Integrating ‘Agile’ Approaches into ‘Waterfall’ Cultures

This is a guest post by Harry Webne-Behrman. This article is adapted from his recent book, What Matters in This Moment: Leading Groups Through Uncertain Times. “Agile” and “Waterfall” offer us very different approaches to project management. These processes can each guide us, depending upon our goals, knowledge, and values surrounding stakeholder engagement. For those…

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Brainstorming rules for brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming Rules (What are the Rules for Brainstorming Sessions?)

“Brainstorming” as a concept was originally devised by Alex Osborn as a group ideation activity. Today, many people just consider individual idea generating (or thinking) as brainstorming – when it was originally meant to be a group experience…a brainstorming session. Alex Osborn’s book Applied Imagination: Principles and Procedures of Creative Problem-Solving is a classic foundational…

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TRIZ Training on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

Learn about TRIZ in this training guide and apply the principles to your technical challenge TRIZ is the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. It was created by Genrich Altshuller after analyzing thousands of patents and inventions and noticing themes and patterns that could be applied to solving other technical problems. He turned the patterns he…

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Want Innovative Teaching? Apply Startup Principles to Reinvent Learning.

This guest article on innovative teaching shares ideas and strategies from the The Startup Teacher Playbook: Turn Your Ideas Into Actions, Personalize Professional Development, and Create Innovative Learning Experiences for You and Your Students. Education is never going back to ‘normal’ or at least one would hope not. As challenging as Covid has been, it…

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Design Thinking Digital Transformation Workshop Tips

How to facilitate a design thinking workshop for digital transformation This article is taken from a module of our design thinking facilitator train-the-trainer program which we run digitally.   Digital transformation is a significant and common challenge for organizations and thus a great design thinking project. The year 2020 forced organizations across disciplines and industries…

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Naming Workshop

What’s in a name? A lot! Our innovative naming workshop can help your team select the right name for a new business, product, service, or more.

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Mission Statement Training Workshop

Looking for an innovative training workshop for crafting your organization’s purpose-driven mission statement? We can help!

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Zoom Training for Innovating Virtual Workshops and Meetings

Innovate your virtual meetings through our design thinking-inspired Zoom facilitation training workshop. With many workshops, classes, events, and sessions being held online, it’s more important than ever to have virtual meeting and facilitator skills to effectively engage in your virtual session. Our hands-on how-to zoom training workshop can walk you through how to contribute to…

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5 Reasons to Bring Your Team Together for a Remote Design Thinking Project Now

Not sure if remote design thinking is right for you or your team? Review this guest post from Sprintbase regarding five reasons to go virtual.

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