Agile Innovation Advisors JTBD Jobs to be Done

Agile Innovation Advisors Jobs to be Done (JTBD)

This Agile Innovation Advisors Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Foundation Workshop Series is a jobs-to-be-done training that you can bring to your organization. Learn to unlock the power of jobs-to-be-done to stop wasting time on solutions your customers don’t want. JTBD is a leading framework for improving product messaging and positioning, prioritizing product roadmaps, improving the customer experience, and focusing your innovation efforts.
AI Innovation Workshop Design Thinking Design Sprint Process

AI Innovation Workshop

AI Innovation Workshop: Harnessing AI for Creative Problem-Solving and Design Thinking We've been amazed at how generative AI can contribute at each stage of the innovation process. We've run hundreds of
AI Innovation Training with Artificial Intelligence

AI Innovation Training with Artificial Intelligence

Imagine running an innovation project with a group on a virtual collaborative whiteboard where people are connecting and co-creating with each other as well as generative AI tools like ChatGPT or whatever features are on the tools we are using. Our focus is to utilize AI during the training and engage others in learning through doing with AI as well with their own innovation challenge.
BCG Harvard MIT ChatGPT AI Productivity Study Report

BCG ChatGPT AI Productivity Study and Report

I learned about the results of a fascinating BCG study conducted by many social scientists from the world's top universities and institutions. Here is my big take away from the
Figma Figjam AI

Figjam AI from Figma

Figjam AI by Figma: Revolutionize Your Design Collaboration: We are impressed with the Figjam AI features from Figma. It's fun to use, looks nice, and works well on the virtual whiteboard. You can do the usual idea generation and sorting activities with it but our favorite feature involves using AI for creating a custom session plan with activities that you could facilitate on the whiteboard.
Design Sprints with AI

Design Sprints with AI

Design Sprints with AI: The fusion of AI with design sprints presents an exciting frontier for innovation. Whether AI takes the lead, supports a human team, or collaborates as a parallel entity, the potential to enhance the sprint process is immense. By judiciously integrating design sprints with AI, organizations can tap into a higher level of creativity, efficiency, and user insight, ultimately driving more successful and user-centered product outcomes.
Learn Design Sprint Phases and Process with Jake Knapp Miro Template

Learn Design Sprint Phases and Process with Jake Knapp Miro Template

Learn Design Sprint Phases and Process with Jake Knapp Miro Template. Dive into the dynamic world of Design Sprints! Leverage the groundbreaking Miro Template with TalkTrack created by Jake Knapp to help you learn how to run a design sprint. It's like a free online course with digital materials to use!
Designing Workshops How to Design a Workshop

The Design of a Workshop: A Guide to Designing Workshops that Engage

The Design of a Workshop: A Guide to Designing Workshops that Engage. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step approach to designing workshops, leveraging effective strategies and best practices. We use practical examples to demonstrate how to create engaging, innovative, and outcome-oriented workshops.
Design Thinking Educator Research

Design Thinking Educator Research

We at are on a mission to identify promising practices for teaching, facilitating, or leading design thinking (or human-centered design) in education. Your insights will be instrumental in creating a resource to support educators in this domain that we can also give to you.