Storytelling Coach Storytelling Coaching

Storytelling Coaching with a Storytelling Coach

Storytelling Coaching with a Storytelling Coach: Engaging in a coaching session with a storytelling expert can be a transformative learning and development experience, particularly when the aim is to hone your storytelling skills and help you develop a key story.
Coaching for Managers Training Workshop

Coaching for Managers Training, Programs and Workshops

Coaching Training for Managers: Elevating Leadership Through Facilitated Practice. We believe managers can improve their leadership skills with a short coaching training experience. A bootcamp, workshop, or even program of coaching sessions can help quickly. You can up your coaching skills as a manager with tips, techniques, resources, practice, and reflection.
Chat GPT Generative AI Machine Learning Simply Explained

AI, Machine Learning, ChatGPT, and Generative AI Simply Explained

Terms like AI, Machine Learning, Generative AI, and ChatGPT have become part of the language of innovators and professionals. But, how do we learn (and understand) what they are so we can explain it to someone else simply? Here are some explanations that make sense.
Innovation Training can create an intrapreneurship program for you or your organization.

Intrapreneurship Programs

Learn about our intrapreneurship program. This program aims to demystify the concept of intrapreneurship, harnessing individual strengths and interests to drive innovation through design thinking.
Learn about design strategy workshops in our guide.

Design Strategy Workshops

Design Strategy Workshops are gaining attention as an effective way to align stakeholders, designers, and business executives around a unified product or service vision.
The Design Thinking Mindset Book

The Design Thinking Mindset Book

The Design Thinking Mindset: How to Access the Power of Innovation (Book and Audiobook by Darin Eich) We collaborated with Scribd on the topic I had been most specifically interested in for some time - the mindset aspect of design thinking.
Innovation Tournaments and Competitions

Innovation Tournaments and Competitions

Innovation tournaments and competitions are collaborative, competitive events designed to foster creativity, identify novel solutions, and drive growth through new ideas. This guide will explore the concept of innovation tournaments or competitions, their features and benefits, different ways of conducting them, case studies, and additional resources.
Review these practical tips to implement design thinking in the classroom.

Practical Tips to Implement Design Thinking in Your Classroom

As an educational approach, design thinking has emerged as a way to instill creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in learners. It is an innovative approach that involves understanding user needs, challenging assumptions, redefining problems, and creating innovative solutions.
Learn about the 100 Ideas Exercise activity on our blog.

100 Ideas Exercise Activity

The 100 ideas exercise is a high-energy brainstorming technique designed to generate a large number of ideas in a relatively short period of time. The aim is to encourage free thinking, creative problem-solving, and push beyond obvious solutions.