The landscape of learning and development (L&D) and training is constantly changing, and professionals in the field often seek opportunities to keep abreast of the latest trends and to network with peers. Here is a list of significant L&D and training conferences that provide diverse learning opportunities, networking opportunities, and insights into industry advancements. There is no ranking to this list. We will lead with a couple of conferences that we have attended and led sessions at recently and continue on with more of the usual learning and development or training conferences and conventions.


Because the focus is on organizational culture, CultureCon may not be on the usual lists of L&D conference – but it attracts L&D and HR leaders who want to impact their culture – and L&D and training is a key focus area. CultureCon  is a conference centered on building positive and impactful organizational cultures. It attracts a diverse group of professionals, including HR leaders, corporate executives, and team managers, who are passionate about creating dynamic and inclusive workplace environments. The conference offers a blend of keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, focusing on topics such as employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, and cultural transformation. Attendees gain insights and practical tools to cultivate cultures that foster innovation, collaboration, and employee well-being. CultureCon is my favorite conference on this list and one I enjoy participating fully in each year. If you’d like to attend this year’s conference, here is the link (with discount code) to learn more. We suggest registering for the “Full Conference Experience Pass” so you can join our special Pre-Conference day in addition to the main conference. 

Adobe Learning Summit

The Adobe Learning Summit is an event dedicated to digital learning experiences, focusing on the latest trends and technologies in e-learning. The summit brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners to share insights on creating engaging digital learning content. It features sessions on best practices in e-learning design and development, leveraging Adobe’s suite of tools, and exploring innovative strategies in virtual learning environments. Attendees include instructional designers, e-learning developers, and L&D professionals seeking to enhance their digital learning initiatives. We’ve designed and led a design thinking certificate track for this conference in the past and really enjoyed that experience.

ATD International Conference & Expo

This is the big one. A training, learning and development conference with thousands of attendees and celebrity keynote speakers. You’ll see an exhibit hall that rivals a significant trade show with numerous exhibitors. The ATD International Conference & Expo is known for being one of the largest events in the L&D industry. It gathers a global community of professionals and offers a range of sessions on various aspects of learning and development. The conference includes keynote presentations by notable figures, an expo featuring the latest L&D tools and services, and sessions covering topics like instructional design, leadership development, and learning technologies.

Training Magazine’s Training Conference & Expo

This conference, organized by Training Magazine, is a comprehensive event focusing on both online and instructor-led training. It features over 100 breakout sessions, hands-on clinics, keynotes, and unique networking events. The conference caters to a wide range of attendees, including training directors and managers, instructional designers, corporate university managers, and performance consultants.

The Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE)

TICE is a flagship event in the corporate learning and development sector, offering practical strategies and innovative solutions to address challenges in training and learning. The conference includes interactive sessions led by industry thought leaders covering strategic alignment, content development, leadership, and training technology. It provides opportunities for networking and exploring practical solutions.

The Learning Ideas Conference

The Learning Ideas Conference is at the intersection of technology and interdisciplinary research in education and workplace learning. It brings together participants from diverse academic and professional backgrounds, including education, computer science, cognitive science, game design, and user experience design. The conference focuses on creating new learning experiences through imagination and creativity.

HR Vision Event

HR Vision is a series of events that focus on the innovative and inspirational aspects of human resources, including L&D. It serves as a boutique series channeling ideas and strategic solutions in HR, offering continuous engagement with key industry figures. The events occur in various locations, including London, Amsterdam, and New York.

CIPD Festival of Work

The CIPD Festival of Work connects people professionals and global business leaders to discuss the future of work. The event includes discussions about crafting action plans and features interactions with industry thought leaders. It is a platform for exchanging ideas and bringing them to life in the context of the evolving workplace.

Learning Live

Learning Live is a conference and exhibition that highlights the latest technologies and trends in L&D. It includes keynotes, workshops, and exhibitions covering e-learning, blended learning, and learning analytics. The event is tailored for senior-level learning leaders seeking to meet and exchange ideas with their peers.

World of Learning Conference & Exhibition

This event features a range of exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge products and services for L&D. It includes keynotes and seminars focusing on the latest trends and best practices in the field, catering to professionals interested in staying updated on industry developments.


UNLEASH gathers HR professionals for transformational conversations, networking opportunities, and insights into the world of work. It is known for its interactivity and focus on HR excellence and disruption. The event provides a platform for discussing the future of work and HR technologies.

DevLearn Conference & Expo

DevLearn is a significant event in North America focusing on learning technologies. It offers a platform for exploring new technologies, learning from experts, and understanding industry trends. The conference is known for its emphasis on innovation and provides insights into the evolution of learning and development.

CIPD Learning & Development Conference

Hosted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), this conference offers insights on learning strategy, leadership development, talent management, and more. It attracts a variety of professionals looking to enhance their L&D expertise.

LN Connect

LN Connect is an event designed for L&D professionals to engage in new ideas, provoke fresh thinking, and participate in debates. It aims to innovate, inspire, and empower attendees through a curated experience that emphasizes networking and knowledge sharing.


Top Training Conferences for Learning and Development (L&D) Professionals

These conferences represent a cross-section of the diverse and dynamic field of learning and development, offering professionals opportunities to learn, network, and stay ahead in their careers.