Learn about ChatGPT and how to use AI to innovate and ideate in this blog post.

We’ve been coaching professionals on using ChatGPT for their projects in their work. We’ve created a number of demonstration videos and even a short online ChatGPT AI innovation course. Here’s an example of a video demonstration ChatGPT course module.

Now, we’d like to offer a live virtual workshop that will help our participants learn ChatGPT and how to use this tool (and other similar generative AI tools) in their work for their own unique projects and programs. We will guide them through the learning and doing of innovating with ChaptGPT as a professional. Ultimately, we like to design our workshops for our clients and can go in many different directions.

We’ve asked ChatGPT to create a workshop title, description, learning outcomes, and outline sequence of activities. We are including that below. We can deliver something like this or a different design once we learn about your goals and learners. Truth be told, we like our custom designs for a workshop a little better than what ChatGPT is suggesting because it builds towards connecting and developing the group of learners while creating a more significant project. This is different than just focusing on the technology and seeing a demo and following along with the same activity. The people make a big difference for the learning experience.

Example ChatGPT Workshop

Workshop Title: “Innovating with ChatGPT: A Virtual Workshop on Creative AI”

Workshop Description: In this workshop, you will learn how to use ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, to generate creative ideas and solve problems in your innovation projects. You will explore the features and capabilities of ChatGPT and learn how to use it to generate text, answer questions, and brainstorm ideas. By the end of this workshop, you will have a basic understanding of how to use ChatGPT for your innovation projects and have a set of practical tools and resources to apply in your work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of ChatGPT and its capabilities
  • Learn how to use ChatGPT to generate text, answer questions, and brainstorm ideas
  • Explore use cases for ChatGPT in innovation projects
  • Learn how to integrate ChatGPT into your innovation workflow
  • Apply ChatGPT to a practical innovation challenge

Workshop Outline:

Activity 1: Introduction to ChatGPT

  • Overview of ChatGPT and its capabilities
  • Examples of how ChatGPT is used in different industries
  • Discussion of ethical considerations when using AI for innovation

Activity 2: Using ChatGPT to Generate Text

  • Overview of how to use ChatGPT to generate text
  • Demonstration of generating text using ChatGPT
  • Exercise: Practice generating text using ChatGPT

Activity 3: Using ChatGPT to Answer Questions

  • Overview of how to use ChatGPT to answer questions
  • Demonstration of answering questions using ChatGPT
  • Exercise: Practice answering questions using ChatGPT

Activity 4: Using ChatGPT for Idea Generation

  • Overview of how to use ChatGPT for idea generation
  • Demonstration of brainstorming ideas using ChatGPT
  • Exercise: Practice brainstorming ideas using ChatGPT

Activity 5: Integrating ChatGPT into Your Innovation Workflow

  • Discussion of how to integrate ChatGPT into your innovation workflow
  • Examples of how ChatGPT can be used in different stages of the innovation process
  • Exercise: Identify opportunities to integrate ChatGPT into your own innovation workflow

Activity 6: Applying ChatGPT to a Practical Innovation Challenge

  • Overview of a practical innovation challenge
  • Discussion of how ChatGPT can be used to address the challenge
  • Exercise: Apply ChatGPT to generate solutions to the innovation challenge

Activity 7: Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Review of key takeaways from the workshop
  • Discussion of next steps for using ChatGPT in innovation projects
  • Q&A session to answer any remaining questions

ChatGPT Workshop Course

Please reach out to us if you are interested in a live ChatGPT workshop or course for your group.

If you are interested in a pre-recorded, asynchronous, short generative AI online course that you can do at any time, we welcome you to begin exploring its content. Here is an example video module.

This program showcases how to leverage AI to assist in generating or brainstorming ideas. Employing AI can prove to be a valuable resource in innovation, design thinking, and ideation projects. The course illustrates how to employ well-known tools to create and refine ideas in response to various inquiries and objectives. Follow along with the instructional videos and experiment on your own to find a fresh approach to ideating or brainstorming novel ideas or directions.

Our instructional videos demonstrate how to effortlessly and rapidly initiate the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT to innovate and ideate using traditional methods. With the aid of a blank canvas, you will have a wealth of ideas at your disposal. Diverge and converge creatively using popular ideation tools like SCAMPER, combination mashups, famous person catalysts, or new technology applications. Propose queries to the AI tool to generate an abundance of ideas. Then, choose and conceptualize the most promising ones.

You can use these tools and techniques during the ideation phase of any design thinking model. Allow AI to help you generate a multitude of ideas or concepts that you can begin to develop, describe, and prototype.

In the videos of this short online course, we present several sample challenges, issues, or opportunities that you may find applicable. Follow the demonstrations and attempt to tackle similar activities or queries on the AI tools of your choosing.

Get started with ChatGPT with an innovation and design thinking centered learning workshop or course

Does using ChatGPT in your innovation and design thinking projects interest you? If so, reach out to us today to see how we can facilitate a custom AI innovation training. Learn about a ChatGPT workshop or course exploring use cases and techniques to incorporate AI in your workflow. Looking to just train yourself now? Visit our ChatGPT Prompt Training Tips guide and start tinkering!