Discover what to expect at a creative problem solving workshop and when your organization could benefit from a training session.

Creative problem solving is an innovation framework focused around utilizing a stage-by-stage process to generate solutions for a specific challenge. The framework encourages better ideation and brainstorming sessions. This methodology helps you get outside your own mind to unlock new solutions to problems or challenges you’ve faced even for years. If your organization is interested in implementing these techniques, you’ll want to learn more about this framework and how you can get started with a creative problem solving training workshop here. 

About Creative Problem Solving Training Workshops

A creative problem solving training workshop will teach you the basics of this innovation methodology and help you implement it effectively into your own work and that of your organization. Discover creative solutions you never would’ve found before by looking at the problem/challenge through a new lens. Through our creative problem solving training workshops, you can practice this innovation framework and build on skills and tools to leverage for future use. 

Who are Creative Problem Solving Workshops For?

Our workshops are developed for people looking to innovate, adapt their mindset to look through a new lens, and solve problems or challenges creatively. Organizations, companies, and educational institutions are just some of the groups that can benefit from our in-person creative problem solving workshops, as well as our other online programs for innovation and design thinking.

We build a customized sequence of activities for you and your participants to get better at ideation and implementation through the Creative problem solving process. Our programs are designed to be highly collaborative so that every member of your team will get involved in the process. Through our sessions, you’ll learn the creative problem solving methodology as well as gain tools and techniques that can help you implement the framework in your own challenges or problem solving.

Creative Problem Solving Process

What Can I Gain from Creative Problem Solving Workshops?

Some of the greatest inventions of all time came from one person looking at a problem in a new way and coming to a better solution. By learning to think about problems differently and create better brainstorming and ideation sessions, organizations can stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant in a fast-paced world. Creative problem solving workshops can help companies who are already innovating to find new ways to work together, generate ideas, and implement change. Companies who may never have thought of innovation before can learn about this methodology and how it has a place in their own organization.

Creative Problem Solving Workshop with

If you’re ready to get started with a creative problem solving training workshop, consider completing a course with us! Our custom-tailored approach works with your specific organizational needs and experience level. From beginners to more advanced training needs, we’ll familiarize you with creative problem solving and the innovation process. 

Our goal for these programs is to make the methodology accessible to your team. We can start with the very basics or complete a follow-up lesson at any time with more advanced techniques. You can find examples of past sessions we have done on our innovation workshops or design thinking training page. 

Contact us for more information about our customized creative problem solving workshops or how to get started with creative innovation at your organization.