Improving design thinking through collaboration

Design Thinking LinkedIn GroupsLinkedIn has rapidly expanded to become the primary social network platform for professionals. Not only does the platform allow you to connect with others in your industry, it also allows you to gain insights and improve the work you do. LinkedIn Groups in particular provide a space for conversation and collaboration around specific topics and industries of interest. Today we’re covering top design thinking LinkedIn Groups you can join to better improve your innovation and design thinking efforts at your company. Here are 5 groups you should check out:

  • User Experience
  • Design Thinking Group
  • Mobile, Wearable, and Everything User Experience
  • Design Thinking
  • UI/UX Design Inspiration

Keep reading to learn more about each of these design thinking LinkedIn groups.

1. User Experience

User Experience currently has over 100,000 members and is designed for professionals looking to “expand our network of people and ideas.” The group holds a wide range of members from design and research backgrounds, making it a great place for you to learn more about customizing products and services with the user experience in mind.

2. Design Thinking Group

Design Thinking Group holds over 60,000 members and calls itself the “number one online design thinking group in the world.” You can come here if you would like to ask questions and share ideas related to design thinking in any profession and industry.

3. Mobile, Wearable, and Everything User Experience

Mobile, Wearable, and Everything User Experience is another LinkedIn group highly focused on the user experience and innovation process. The group is specifically designed for mobile UX professionals or anyone interested in the field, and provides resources, tutorials, and guides to its 18,000+ members.

4. Design Thinking

The Design Thinking LinkedIn group more broadly discusses strategic planning and incorporating design thinking and innovation into business decisions. The group boasts over 100,000 members from industries across the board, and could provide you another resource to improve operations at your business.

5. UI/UX Design Inspiration

The final design thinking LinkedIn group on this list is UI/UX Design Inspiration. This smaller (7,000+ members) group is a space for anyone to share ideas and collaborate on UI and UX design. If you’re looking for a smaller place to begin, this group may be right for you.

As you begin your design thinking journey, consider reaching out on LinkedIn for resources and support to assist your company. These 5 top design thinking LinkedIn groups may be a good place for you to start your process. For more resources, check out our design thinking and innovation blog.

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