Here’s a demonstration of how to use AI to help you brainstorm or generate ideas. AI can be a powerful tool to use in your innovation, design thinking, or ideation projects. We demonstrate how to use popular tools like OpenAI playground and ChatGPT to generate and develop ideas for a number of questions and purpose. Follow along with the video and try it yourself for a different way to brainstorm or ideate new ideas or directions. You can also see the transcript of our AI ideation session below to see the ideas that were created when our question meets artificial intelligence.

AI Ideation Demo (Generate Ideas with Artificial Intelligence on OpenAI)

Here’s the play-by-play of our AI idea generation experience.
First, we used the OpenAI Playground to generate ideas. We started with a variation on their suggestion and then asked the AI for A LOT!

Write a tagline for a new online course on innovation.

“Unlock Your Creative Potential: Transform Your Ideas into Innovations!”

Write 10 ideas for a tagline for a new online course on storytelling.

1. “Bring Your Stories to Life: Master the Art of Storytelling!”

2. “Discover the Power of Storytelling: Ignite Your Imagination!”

3. “Find Your Voice: Become a Master Storyteller!”

4. “Unlock Your Storytelling Superpower: Create Unforgettable Tales!”

5. “Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary: Learn the Art of Storytelling!”

6. “Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Become a Storytelling Expert!”

7. “Share Your Stories with the World: Learn the Craft of Storytelling!”

8. “Bring Your Stories to Life: Learn How to Tell an Engaging Tale!”

9. “Discover the Magic of Storytelling: Craft an Unforgettable Narrative!”

10. “Make Your Stories Come Alive: Learn the Fundamentals of Storytelling!”

Write 10 ideas for Youtube Video topics on storytelling for business.

1. How to Use Storytelling to Connect with Your Audience

2. Crafting an Engaging Story to Sell Your Brand

3. How to Develop Captivating Stories in Your Business

4. The Power of Storytelling to Create Lasting Memories

5. Tips for Creating an Engaging Storyline for Your Business

6. Using Visuals to Enhance Your Business Storytelling

7. Transforming Your Business Message with Storytelling

8. Finding the Right Tone for Your Business Storytelling

9. Crafting an Impactful Story to Market Your Business

10. Telling a Story that Resonates with Your Customers

Write 30 ideas for names for a new program on design and creativity.

1. Creative Design Academy 2. The Design Lab 3. Innovative Design Workshop 4. Art of Design 5. Design Innovation Studio 6. Creative Design Institute 7. Creative Design Training 8. Art of Designing 9. Creative Design Course 10. Design and Creative Thinking 11. Design and Imagination 12. Design and Creativity School 13. Creative Design Academy 14. Design Mastery 15. Creative Design Bootcamp 16. Design Thinkers Academy 17. Creative Design Program 18. Design and Creative Strategies 19. Creative Design Studio 20. Creative Design Journey 21. Design and Creative Solutions 22. Creative Design and Imagination 23. Design Creativity Workshop 24. Creative Design Studio 25. Design and Creativity Center 26. Creative Design and Innovation 27. Design and Creative Thinking 28. Creative Design and Problem Solving 29. Design and Creative Innovations 30. Design and Creative Exploration

After getting such a large quantity of ideas from the OpenAI Playground we switched over to OpenAI ChatGPT for a more conversational form of idea gathering from the AI. Here is a transcript of that chat. You can see the AI does a good job of elaborating a concept and explaining in natural human language.

This image was also created with AI! OpenAI’s Dall-E.

Describe what a business storytelling program could consist of.

A business storytelling program is a program designed to teach people in business how to effectively use storytelling to communicate ideas and persuade others. The program could consist of a series of workshops, seminars, or classes that cover the basics of storytelling and how to apply it in a business setting. The program may also include discussions or exercises on identifying key messages, crafting compelling narratives, and delivering stories in a compelling and engaging way. Additionally, the program may provide participants with opportunities to practice their storytelling skills and receive feedback from instructors and peers. Ultimately, a business storytelling program aims to help participants develop the skills and confidence they need to effectively use storytelling to achieve their business goals.

OK, so how do you help people become more confident storytellers?

There are several ways to help people become more confident storytellers. One way is to provide them with a solid understanding of the basics of storytelling, such as the structure of a story and the elements that make up a compelling narrative. This can be done through a combination of lectures, discussions, and exercises.

Another way to help people become more confident storytellers is to provide them with opportunities to practice their storytelling skills in a safe and supportive environment. This can be done through exercises and activities that allow participants to tell stories and receive feedback from instructors and peers.

Additionally, providing people with a framework for crafting and delivering stories can also help them feel more confident as storytellers. This might include techniques for identifying key messages, organizing information into a clear and compelling narrative, and delivering stories in an engaging and authentic way.

Overall, helping people become more confident storytellers involves a combination of education, practice, and support, as well as a focus on building the skills and confidence they need to effectively use storytelling in a business setting.

What are 20 ideas for different types of stories people could tell?

  1. Personal stories about overcoming challenges or achieving goals
  2. Case studies or examples of successful projects or initiatives
  3. Inspirational stories about people who have made a positive impact
  4. Historical stories about the evolution of a company or industry
  5. Stories about the unique culture or values of an organization
  6. Customer success stories about how a product or service has made a difference
  7. Stories about innovation or creativity within the company
  8. Stories about the impact of a company’s work on the community or environment
  9. Fictional stories that illustrate key concepts or ideas
  10. Stories about the origins of a company or product
  11. Stories that showcase the expertise or knowledge of the company or its employees
  12. Stories about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry
  13. Stories that provide insight into the decision-making process of the company
  14. Stories that illustrate the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion
  15. Stories that showcase the company’s values or mission in action
  16. Stories that provide a behind-the-scenes look at the company or its work
  17. Stories that highlight the achievements or accomplishments of the company or its employees
  18. Stories that provide insight into the future direction of the company
  19. Stories about the people or events that have shaped the company
  20. Stories that entertain, educate, or engage the audience in some way.

How can we use AI or ChatGPT to become better storytellers?

AI and ChatGPT (a large language model trained by OpenAI) can be useful tools for improving storytelling skills in several ways. For example, AI and ChatGPT can be used to help generate ideas for stories and suggest different directions a narrative could take. They can also be used to provide suggestions for how to structure a story, organize information, and craft compelling narratives.

Additionally, AI and ChatGPT can be used to help identify key messages and themes in a story, as well as provide feedback on the clarity and coherence of a narrative. This can be especially useful for people who are just starting to learn about storytelling, as it can provide them with guidance and support as they develop their skills.

Overall, AI and ChatGPT can be valuable tools for improving storytelling skills by providing suggestions, guidance, and feedback that can help people become more confident and effective storytellers.

Generate New Ideas with AI (Artificial Intelligence Ideation)

AI Idea Generation

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