Preview this new AI tool from Lucid

We’ve recently highlighted Lucidspark as a great option for digital collaboration. Their intuitive and powerful software solution offers an infinite virtual whiteboard with options for breakout sessions, voting and polls, and other smart features that make collaborating and meetings virtually that much better. Due to increased interest in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Lucid has now released their own Collaborative AI for their various applications, including LucidChart and LucidSpark. Learn more about this new AI below!

Lucidspark Collaborative AI Demo

Watch our demonstration of the AI feature on the whiteboard. See how we generate, sort, and summarize ideas quickly.
You can get your own free LucidSpark account with our unique link to give the features a try yourself.

Collaborative AI Actions and Features

While Lucid’s AI is still in beta, there are several details already known about how the AI will work and function. This includes:

  • Generating Ideas: Use the AI to generate new ideas from a prompt or series of keywords
  • Sorting Ideas: Use the AI to shift through a series of sticky notes to group them into categories
  • Summarizing Ideas: Use the AI to provide a summary of a series of sticky notes you select

Due to the early nature of the beta, Collaborative AI is currently only available with LucidSpark. The team has plans in the future to extend the AI into LucidChart and other services. We anticipate more features will be coming soon to further integrate AI into their digital whiteboard tool and automate other processes.

Learn more about the AI tool in Lucid’s recent YouTube video:


Lucid has joined many other great digital collaboration tools in providing an intelligent and efficient AI solution. With more features sure to come, it will be interesting to see how Collaborative AI evolves to provide better experiences for users of LucidSpark and LucidChart.

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