Top Design Thinking Facebook Groups

Connect with design thinkers and learn the latest trends and innovative ideas in these top groups.

Facebook, as one of the largest social media networks in the world, plays a key role in your business. Not only should you be using social media to reach potential and current customers, you can also use it as a resource to gain insights into your industry and develop a toolkit to power your company efforts. Facebook Groups is a great tool at your disposal to hear from industry leaders and stay current on trends and changes impacting your business. If you are interested in innovation and design thinking for your business, here are four top design thinking Facebook groups to explore:

  1. Design Thinking for Business
  2. Design Thinking & Innovation
  3. Service Design, Design Thinking, Service Innovation
  4. User Experience Professionals Association – UXPA

Keep reading to learn more about each of these design thinking Facebook groups.

1. Design Thinking for Business

This group focuses on design thinking for business and its ability to “create sustainable, holistic, human centered, long-term solutions.” The group is open to anyone interested in design thinking. It’s run by Integral, a design thinking and innovation platform.  You can join the group here.

2. Design Thinking & Innovation

A place for sharing articles, insights, and observations about design, innovation, and people. You can join this closed group with permission to help you collaborate and innovate today. Find the group here.

3. Service Design, Design Thinking, Service Innovation

Another of the design thinking Facebook groups on this list is an active group focused on design thinking and service design more specifically. Anyone can join and interact with content shared or share their own. Find the group here.

4. User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA)

The final group on this list developed a community of those interested in the user experience. With discussions focused on the development of usable products and services, this group is sure to help you. You can post articles, resources, questions and events. Find the group here.

These Facebook groups for design thinking can provide you another outlet to insights and tools for your own efforts. For more groups to join, check out our post on LinkedIn Groups for Design Thinking.

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