Here are 50 different tools organized by category and how they use AI to help you be more productive or innovative in your projects and work. Many of these tools or applications you may already be familiar with. Many of the popular tools for work are already applying AI for a specific purpose. Our current favorite AI tool is ChatGPT but there are many others that utilize AI to help you innovate how you work. Here are some other articles about ChatGPT you may find useful, including this ChatGPT Prompt Tips Training.

See the list below for 50 popular digital tools that use AI.

Popular Digital Tools that use AI and their Use Case

CategoryToolUse Case
SlackAutomates routine communications and integrates with other tools for streamlined workflow.
Microsoft TeamsAI-powered features offer meeting transcription, language translation, and more.
AsanaHelps manage tasks and projects efficiently, with automation for routine tasks.
TrelloUses AI to predict project timelines, enhancing project management.
Project Management
JIRAUses machine learning to predict project outcomes and track progress.
WrikeAI-powered tool for project management with predictive analytics.
Data Analysis
TableauHelps visualize data and get insights using machine learning and natural language processing.
PowerBIAI capabilities for enhanced data analytics and reporting.
UiPathAutomates repetitive tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Automation AnywhereAI and RPA tool for business process automation.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Salesforce EinsteinAI-powered CRM that provides predictive insights and automation.
Zoho CRMUses AI for sales process optimization and predictive analytics.
MarketoProvides AI-driven insights for effective marketing strategies.
HubSpotUses AI to automate and personalize marketing efforts.
EightfoldUses AI to streamline the recruitment process.
HireVueUtilizes AI for video interviews and skill assessments.
Gong.ioUses AI to analyze sales calls and meetings to provide insights.
Chorus.aiRecords, transcribes, and analyzes business conversations for sales insights.
Writing and Content Creation
GrammarlyUses AI to improve writing quality and tone.
FraseAI tool for content research, optimization, and creation.
TodoistAI-powered task management app that predicts task due dates.
ClickUpUses machine learning to estimate task time for better productivity.
Artificial Intelligence Platform
Google AI PlatformA suite of tools and services for AI model development and deployment.
IBM WatsonAI service to build, train, and deploy AI models efficiently.
Email Marketing
MailchimpUses AI to optimize email marketing campaigns.
ActiveCampaignAI-powered features for personalized email marketing.
Sentiment Analysis
BrandwatchUses AI to monitor and analyze social media sentiment.
RapidMinerUses machine learning to analyze customer sentiment.
DriftAI-powered chatbot for customer service and sales.
IntercomUses AI to automate customer interactions via chat.
AI Development
TensorFlowOpen-source platform for machine learning and AI development.
PyTorchAI library for building AI models.
XeroUses machine learning for automating accounting tasks.
QuickBooksAI features for expense tracking, invoicing, and more.
DarktraceUses AI for threat detection and response.
CylanceAI-based cybersecurity tool for threat prevention.
AI Assistants
Google AssistantCan schedule meetings, send messages, set reminders, and more.
Amazon AlexaVoice assistant for organizing tasks, controlling smart devices, etc.
Learning and Training
CourseraOffers AI-powered course recommendations based on user interests.
LinkedIn LearningUses AI to provide personalized learning recommendations.
Supply Chain
ClearMetalUses AI for predictive logistics in supply chain management.
LlamasoftProvides AI-powered supply chain analytics and insights.
Social Media Management
HootsuiteUses AI for social media content curation and post scheduling.
BufferAI features for optimal post timing and performance analytics.
ShopifyAI-powered features for personalized shopping experiences.
MagentoUses AI for customer segmentation, personalization, and analytics.
SEMrushAI-driven tool for SEO analysis and optimization.
AhrefsUses AI for keyword research, backlink analysis, and more.

AI in Popular Digital Tools

Digital Tools with AI
This list of 50 top AI tools grouped by different categories that can help managers, leaders, and professionals in organizations to innovate in their work and increase productivity. Remember, while these tools can help improve productivity and streamline tasks, it’s essential to choose the tools that best fit your organization’s needs and processes.

Our favorite AI tool, ChatGPT, was essential for helping us to be productive in developing this post.

We also really like Miro AI and Lucid’s Collaborative AI for online whiteboarding tools. FlexClip is an AI video and presentation maker tool.