Miro vs Mural: A Features Comparison

Which is better: Miro or Mural? Review our guide designed to illustrate the pros and cons of both options for innovation and design thinking teams.

What is Lucidspark?

What is Lucidspark? Created by Lucid, a leader in visual collaboration, Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard with an infinite canvas, designed for teams to hold powerful brainstorming sessions, collaborate in real time, and take action on the best ideas.
Invision Freehand

What is Invision Freehand?

Learn about Invision Freehand, a free collaborative cloud-based whiteboard tool that is designed for design thinking and innovation teams.

What is FigJam by Figma?

Ideate and collaborate in teams with FigJam, the latest online whiteboarding tool from Figma. Find resources and tips to get started with this tool here.

What is Google Jamboard?

What is Google Jamboard? In this helpful guide, we cover this remote working whiteboard tool as well as resources to get started.

Top Remote Work Software Tools to Innovate & Collaborate

We've compiled this "meta-list" from looking at the software tools that were recommended again and again from 30 different innovative designers, collaborators, and facilitators who were posting their own lists of recommended software and online tools in our social networks.