Discover and use these common design sprint activities you can utilize to lead innovation at your organization.

The design sprint is one of the fastest growing innovation trends in the last decade. This methodology centers around a fast-paced, collaborative approach to problem solving and typically involves 5 days of activities to prompt ideation. Today we’ve covering the most common design sprint activities that you can utilize in your own organization to facilitate innovation today.

Goals and Challenge Mapping

One of the first things you will complete at a design sprint workshop is an analysis of your goals and a mapping activity of your challenge. This will allow you to grasp a deeper understanding of the challenge at hand and start thinking about how you could solve it creatively.

Sketches and Ideation

The next step of the design sprint process is to begin developing ideas and sketching out existing and new solutions to the challenge. By the end of the second day, you’ll have a wide variety of ideas on the table. The best of these will move on to the next design sprint activity – prototyping.

Prototyping and Experimentation

The top solutions will be taken and assembled into storyboards which will then be used to create prototypes of the idea, product, or solution. While these prototypes will be rudimentary in nature, they will allow you to fully experiment with your proposed solution and test the solution in action.

Customer Experience Testing

The final of the design sprint activities is user experience testing. On the last day of the design sprint, you’ll take your prototype and present it to real customers. This will allow you to gain insights into your idea based on their reactions and experience using the prototype.

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