Find tools and tips to improve your next design sprint workshop.

Businesses interested in innovation, design thinking, or user experience (UX) are probably now getting the concept of a design sprint on their radar. A design sprint is a fast-paced way to quickly zero in on a challenge, brainstorm ideas, prototype, and find validated solutions to critical business and customer problems over the course of a week. Hosting a design sprint workshop can be incredibly beneficial – find 7 reasons why here. Here are some top resources, tools, and tips for your next design sprint workshop.

Design Sprint Templates

Learn by doing through the use of some of these top design sprint templates from whiteboard tools like Miro, Mural, and more.

Instructional Books

The original design sprint guidebook, Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas, is still a must-read and the place to start. This book walks you through the entire design sprint process, from the people who created it. It’s perfect for teams of any size – whether you are just starting out or work at a Fortune 500.

This practical design sprint guidebook can also fill in the gaps in your understanding of what a design sprint is generally and how it can useful to your organization. Learn how to use the process to find an idea worth pursuing.

Design Sprint Videos

Check out our Design Sprint Videos list for six essential videos to help you understand the concepts and host your own training event. Videos are quick ways to gain useful insights into the design sprint process. You can also use them during the actual event to generate conversation.

Training Articles

Review our original Design Sprint Workshop Training and Design Sprint Facilitator Training articles. Below, you’ll find some additional articles and other resources we recommend reviewing.

Design Sprint Tools

For some basic tools to use during your design sprint, consider these sprint checklists from the popular Sprint book. They will guide you through the daily process of preparation for the event. The time timer is a classic tool to help you keep the activities starting, moving (and finishing) in your design sprint. You can also generate ideas on what type of activities to utilize for maximum creativity and collaboration. Next, you can check out tools such as Marvel to help you with prototyping new products and ideas. These top software tools for design thinking may also come in handy during your day of planning.

Lastly, use one of these remote sprint templates or agile sprint retrospective templates to guide your entire sprint from start to finish.

Design Sprint Approaches

Design Sprints can range from the original 5-day long event to shorter, 4-day (or less) sessions. Here are a few common design sprint approaches:

Design sprints can be a quick, fun, and engaging way to generate new ideas and solutions to your problems fast. If you are interested in designing and hosting a design sprint workshop at your organization, consider finding resources and tools to improve the experience.

For more innovation training and design thinking resources, keep reading our blog. And don’t hesitate to contact us for help on creating a design sprint workshop or event.