Learn how to develop an innovation mindset in this training program.

We’ve been teaching an innovation mindset to dozens of groups from organizations over the past decade. Here is a description of one of our most popular programs that help people develop a more innovative mindset. Please contact us if you are interested in creating a mindset for innovation in your organization.

Innovation Mindset Program


  • Experience how to tap into your creative side to generate more ideas, solve problems, and work to innovate anything you’d like to focus on with a design thinking growth mindset.
  • Apply an innovation step-by-step process to start from scratch to generate and develop ideas for anything you’d like to innovate – from a small fix or learned method to working on the latest technological tool/advancement.
  • Gain methods, activities, tools and techniques for innovating in a virtual environment collaboratively and individually.
  • Learn approaches to communicate in a more innovative way and present your concepts to increase acceptance and to gain buy-in and advocacy.
  • Understand the nature of innovation to keep your creativity alive to develop and pitch new ideas despite the obstacles.


If our workshop is held in-person, we can utilize the special space we are in for our activities. You can click to see video clip examples of our live workshops and offsites and custom in-person workshops. Often though, we lead these workshops virtually. Our live virtual workshop program will utilize Zoom/Teams and Mural/Miro technologies that we’ve already tested with dozens of groups. See this webpage for video clips of what our activities can look like in action using these web-based virtual platforms.

Our agenda is customized to the learning outcomes identified above that we’ve heard from our client and will be further customized during the workshop based on the level and needs of the learners.

As a bonus, we will include the following online workshops, Innovation 101 and Innovative Mindset, for all participants so they can go deeper after our live workshop. A link with a code to access this content for free will be provided to participants. Our live workshop content and activities will also relate to these.

Bonus Content: Innovation 101 online course

This four-part online course provides an introductive experience where you will follow along with your own challenge to develop new products, programs, services, or organizational enhancements. The program includes 45 minutes of video plus materials.

  • Part 1 – Your Unique Story, Purpose, and Motivation to Innovate
  • Part 2 – Selecting your Innovation Challenge and Focusing it into Questions of Opportunity
  • Part 3 – Generating New Ideas by Making it BrainRain
  • Part 4 – Analyzing, Validating and Conceptualizing your Ideas to Communicate and Prototype
Innovation Mindset

Bonus Content: Innovative Mindset online course

This online course focuses on your mindset or attitude to innovate. By doing something new you’ve never done before, you can reorganize yourself to a new and higher level. Since this process might be new and different for you, you have to learn how and develop your skill at it. The program includes over an hour of video plus materials.

  • Part 1: Growing from where you are at with an innovative mindset
  • Part 2: What is an innovative mindset?
  • Part 3:  Your innovation timeline and motivating origin story
  • Part 4: Reorganize yourself at a higher level
  • Part 5: How to think more rationally so you have confidence to take innovative action.
  • Part 6: Innovative Mindset Program Project: The Acorn Project – What are small innovative habits you would like to do that could grow?
  • Part 7: Innovation mindset inspiring quotes to sustain motivation and action
  • Integration task: Journal or visual catalyst creation – what images, people, models, or quotes help you to understand innovation and inspires you to have an innovative mindset?
Innovation Mindset

About your Innovation Mindset Facilitator:

Darin Eich, Ph.D. is the founder of InnovationTraining.org. Darin has helped over 100 organizations from Silicon Valley to London apply design thinking workshops for a mindset and culture of innovation.

Darin designs unique leadership and innovation programs that are used by National R&D labs, Fortune 500 companies, and universities like Oxford.

His programs are online or onsite and reach anywhere from just 1 individual to over 1 million people. His specialty is applying design thinking to develop leadership programs — and teaching others to facilitate their own innovation workshops.

He is the author of Innovation Step-by-Step: How to Create & Develop Ideas for your Challenge, and Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs.

Darin earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and currently lives in Madison.

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