Learn about the 100 Ideas Exercise activity on our blog.

100 Ideas Exercise Activity

The 100 ideas exercise is a high-energy brainstorming technique designed to generate a large number of ideas in a relatively short period of time. The aim is to encourage free thinking, creative problem-solving, and push beyond obvious solutions.
Learn about the Miro AI tool, a built-in AI that works with Miro's whiteboard and other tools.

Miro AI: What You Need to Know

A Deep Dive into Miro's New AI: Pioneering Innovation for Collaborative Visual Workspaces Miro, one of our favorite providers of  digital collaborative whiteboard platforms, has once again raised the bar with the introduction of its innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature.

AI for Ideation | How to use AI to brainstorm and generate ideas

AI for Ideation - How to use AI to brainstorm and generate ideas Here's a demonstration of how to use AI to brainstorm or generate ideas. Follow the video demo for a different way to brainstorm or ideate new ideas or directions. We use tools like OpenAI playground and ChatGPT to generate and develop ideas for a number of questions and purpose. See AI in action for innovation.

Brainwriting Templates

Looking for a brainwriting exercise template? Review this article that covers what is brainwriting and reviews Miro's resources for brainwriting.