These top ideation activity templates from Miro can be used when working remotely or in the same room.

Whether you are working together in person or remotely, design thinking software tools such as Miro can help make the innovation process easier than ever. Miro is a fantastic resource for finding idea generation activity templates for everything from empathy mapping and design sprints to brainstorming. In today’s post, we will go beyond our previous brainstorming templates post to share additional templates you can use in regards to ideation activities and exercises. Let’s get started!

1. Ideation Space

This ideation activities template is a fun way to generate many ideas with a group. The template features four exercises, including:

  • Braindump – share favorite ideas or thoughts before the workshop begins
  • SCAMPER – quick brainstorming using the seven prompts (substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to another use, eliminate, reverse)
  • What Would Apple Do – get in the shoes of a famous company and determine how their business model or values solves the ideation question
  • Selection of TOP ideas – select two favorite ideas

2. Lotus Flower Ideation Session

This lotus flower ideation template is designed for rapid ideation around a clear creative challenge or problem statement. There are sections included to explore options, find creative ways of addressing a challenge, and generating original ideas at scale.

3. What If? Ideation Exercise Method

This simple “what if” tool is based on open-ended questions within a certain amount of time. Teams will work together to rapidly generate a volume of ideas that can then be grouped and prioritized. The template will walk you through four simple exercises to get ideas flowing.

4. The Idea Napkin

The Idea Napkin template is an easy-to-use framework for ideation sessions that allows participants to enhance their ideas through assessment and comparison. The template features sections for an elevator pitch, problem, solution, and its benefits.

5. Product Discovery Ideation Session Template

This product discovery template is designed specifically for product ideation. It includes sections to reflect as well as walks you through ideation activities and exercises that may help during the product discovery and development session.

6. Mix and Match Ideation

For a more lively ideation session, consider this Mix and Match activity template. This template encourages teams to generate new ideas and solutions by mixing and combining different objects and people involved in the situation differently, unlocking new connections and ideas.

Ideation Exercises and Activities Templates Article Conclusion

These templates from Miro are perfect for rapid ideation exercises and activities. If you need help implementing or facilitating your own ideation event, reach out to us today for personalized assistance. Also check out the brainstorming training online course we developed from more than 10 years of experience professionally running brainstorming sessions.