These templates follow the SCAMPER technique.

Want a structured yet out-of-the-box methodology to develop more creative and effective solutions to challenges? Think SCAMPER. This innovation method combines multiple techniques into one. Below, you’ll learn what SCAMPER means and find more information about the method as well as a few SCAMPER templates from top whiteboard tools.

SCAMPER Meaning: What is SCAMPER?

SCAMPER is an acronym for multiple innovation ideation techniques, including:

  • Substitute – Find a part of your concept, process, etc. that you could replace with something else to see whether it results in improvements
  • Combine – One idea might not work alone, but you could combine it with several ideas, processes, or products into one more efficient result
  • Adapt – An idea that worked to solve one problem, could be used to solve a different problem
  • Modify – Change an aspect of your situation or problem and see whether it gives you additional insight or adds value to the process
  • Put to another use – Similar to “adapt”, it’s about putting an existing idea or concept to another use than it was intended to
  • Eliminate – Remove inefficient processes with the goal of streamlining them
  • Reverse – Reverse the direction of a process or product – do things the other way around

These different techniques combined make up SCAMPER, a unique innovation approach that may be useful for overcoming organizational challenges or problems. The following templates can help you get started with this technique.

1. Miro SCAMPER (A Creativity Tool) Template

This Miro template follows all seven of the SCAMPER techniques in an engaging and easy to follow way. Brainstorm in a group ideas for each of the 7 ideas (Substitute / Combine / Adapt / Modify / Put to another use / Eliminate / Reverse).

2. Miro SCAMPER Creative Problem Solving Template

This Miro template is another great option for those just starting out with SCAMPER. It provides ample space to brainstorm and collaborate on ideas following each of the 7 techniques.

3. Lucidspark SCAMPER Template

Lucidspark’s template follows the SCAMPER brainstorming method to help teams answer questions and uncover innovative solutions to problems.

4. FigJam SCAMPER Template

This template from FigJam offers places to consider each of the underlying innovation methods behind this technique and brainstorm with teams.

5. Stormboard SCAMPER Canvas Template

This template from Stormboard encourages you to understand and consider the 7 different area of questions/thoughts (Substitute / Combine / Adapt / Modify / Put to another use / Eliminate / Reverse) to learn how to innovate for your problem.

6. Invision Freehand SCAMPER Template

This template from Invision Freehand helps you approach your problem using the 7 different perspectives of SCAMPER.

SCAMPER Templates Conclusion

Whether you just figuring out the meaning of SCAMPER or want to get started with ideating, these SCAMPER templates can help you utilize this unique approach to creative brainstorming. Looking for more resources and guides? Review these other relevant articles. Contact us if you are interested in putting SCAMPER practices into action with our innovation workshops or design thinking training.