Meet the latest visual, collaborative software tool from IDEO.

Shape was a collaborative digital software tool created by IDEO to help with innovation and design thinking projects. This software platform was designed to be fully customer-centric – allowing users to quickly gather feedback and collaborate on new ideas. Learn more about Shape as well as resources designed to help you get started below.

Note: As of 2023 we are unsure if IDEO is still offering Shape to new users. Your best bet for a Shape alternative is probably the design thinking software Sprintbase.

Shape Features

Shape was available for free for up to 5 users, and then costs $5 per each additional user after that. Shape is similar to other whiteboarding tools like Conceptboard, Stormboard, Mural, and Miro, in that it offers a visual blank canvas for users to collaborate and brainstorm together. In addition to this, Shape offers:

  • Templates to quickly and efficiently work together
  • Surveys – create and re-use audiences, use standardized questions to get quick feedback on your ideas
  • Visualization – add images, text, videos, and links
  • Searchable directory and shared workplaces – document processes, project phases, and learnings in one place
  • Collaborate smarter – comment and mention your teammates on collections, images, and text

Resources and Guides

The following resources are offered by IDEO to help you get started with their software. Find the links to each of these resource guides below.

Shape may be a useful addition to your collaboration and ideation toolkit. We like their focused templates and are excited to see how the tool improves. We are unsure about the current state of Shape and if they will continue to offer it. You’ll have to check on that with IDEO.

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