These digital templates can be used in team sessions for problem identification and creative problem solving.

Creative problem solving is a foundation of many of the innovation and design thinking processes. From identifying the problem, to studying it, and then brainstorming how to solve it, there are many factors at play that can be improved through the use of a digital whiteboard tool like Miro. In our latest blog post, we’ll share several problem solving templates created from Miro, Mural, and other top whiteboard tools that can help you during a creative problem solving or problem identification session.

1. Miro – Problem Solving for Teams

This Miro template can help you align your team and execute a new innovation project effortlessly. A five-step process will walk you through the process, from ideation, problem solving, planning, and execution. Take notes and follow a checklist throughout to ensure you don’t miss anything.

2. Miro – Structured Problem Solving

This template follows structured problem solving, an approach that draws on scientific thinking to solve a complex problem. Once a problem has been identified and the target outcome is set (typically, finding a solution to improve or eliminate the problem), your team can use the template to manage each step of the process. 

3. Miro – Creative Problem Solving (Using SCAMPER)

This SCAMPER template is designed for creative problem solving ideation. As we’ve discussed previously in a SCAMPER blog post, SCAMPER is an acronym that features the following ideas and approaches:

  • Substitute: Replace with something else
  • Combine: Unite into one
  • Adapt: Adjust to something new
  • Modify: Change something
  • Put it to another use: Change when, where, or how
  • Eliminate: Get rid of something
  • Reverse: Change it up

This template can help you use this methodology in the creative problem solving process. 

4. Miro – Problem Statement Map

Still in the problem identification stage in your creative problem solving process? This template can help you identify and describe the problem that needs to be solved. Understand who is affected by the problem and why, as well as constraints and other things to take into consideration as you begin brainstorming potential ways to solve the problem. 

5. Miro – Problem Framing Workshop

Prime Motive’s Miro template is another way to unpack a problem and define it by asking the right questions from the start. The four-part process helps to align teams on what needs to be solved and why. 

6. Zoom Whiteboard – Problem Analysis Template

This Zoom Whiteboard template is a great place to start when you are trying to define, identify, and understand a problem more deeply.

7. FigJam – Problem Statement Template

This template from FigJam can help your team fully understand the problem and answer a series of questions to help before the brainstorming process begins.

8. Klaxoon – Fishbone Diagram Template

This template from Klaxoon features the “Fishbone” (or “Ishikawa) diagram, a tool useful for team problem solving sessions. The template can help you identify all the root causes of a problem and organize them, then list actions to be taken to solve or eliminate them.

9. MURAL – Problem Solving Template

This template from MURAL allows you to host a silent brainstorm session with teams and come up with many different ideas and solutions in a short amount of time.

10. Lucidspark – TRIZ Problem Solving Template

This template from Lucidspark follows the TRIZ problem solving technique, where you are taken through a process of identifying the general issue and then narrowing that down to specific problems and issues. Then, you can solve them quickly and systematically.

Creative Problem Solving Template Conclusion

These problem solving templates can be used in a multiple of ways, including during the innovation and design thinking process. If you would like custom help to use these templates in your creative problem solving workshop or innovation meeting, you can reach out to us online today.