We share some of the best Figjam templates for their whiteboard tool.

In terms of a robust digital whiteboard tool, FigJam by Figma is one of the best. In today’s article, we’ll share some of our favorite templates that you can use with FigJam to build out your own innovation or design thinking events, workshops, and meetings.

1. User Persona Template

This template helps you create a persona of your user or customer. It helps you think about their interests, goals, needs, pain points, and more.

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2. Customer Journey Map Template

This template helps you walk through the customer or user experience, from initial need to completed purchase or other action.

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3. Empathy Map Template

This template lets you get into the mind of your end user by exploring how they think, feel, speak, and do.

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4. Problem Statement Template

This template is great to ensure your team fully understands the problem or issue you are trying to address before going into a brainstorm or innovation session.

5. SWOT Analysis Template

This template offers space to complete a SWOT Analysis – listing out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats or challenges.

6. Brainstorming Template

This template is a open brainstorming board that provides many places for ideas, thoughts, questions, and more.

7. SCAMPER Template

This template follows the SCAMPER method, offering places to consider each of the underlying innovation methods behind this technique, including Adapt, Modify, Substitute, Combine, Reverse, Eliminate, and Put to another Use.

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Figjam Templates Conclusion

FigJam offers a wide variety of community templates to help with your innovation and design thinking projects. You can find even more great resources on our blog related to these topics, like what is Figma. Want a customized program incorporating innovation or design thinking mindsets or practices into your organization? Contact Innovation Training today!