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Europe Innovation Training, Design Thinking and Design Sprints
Strategy and Change Expertise to help you Transform your Organization

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Design Thinking Workshops and Innovation Training in Europe


Are you in Europe, Asia, or somewhere else in our world and in need of innovation consulting, design thinking, change expertise, or transformation for your organization? Perhaps you are using our Innovation Step-by-Step book, or our innovation courses in our online school and would like an in-person workshop, keynote, or innovation coach to help you? We can connect you to a number of excellent innovation trainers and consultants who enjoy traveling throughout Europe, Asia, and the region to work with organizations.

Would you like to improve your innovation results or work on your innovation culture? Would you like to do a design sprint for the first time? We have innovation experts, organizational consultants and change experts with a proven record in innovation consulting, including innovation & design thinking workshops, training and coaching. They can customize programs for you. We have blended programs (digital + on-site) focused on making real impact when applying our innovation step-by-step book & the innovation courses. Our programs can help you to enhance the structure, processes, mindset and the leaders to make innovation really work and to create an innovation culture.

Get help with innovation through workshops that focus on different aspects:

  • Individual Innovators

    • Mindset
    • Creativity
    • Innovation Skills
  • Culture of Innovation

    • Innovation programs
    • Recruiting innovators
    • Getting started and growing
  • Teams

    • New innovation teams
    • Leadership teams
    • Agile sprint teams
  • Innovation Strategy

    • Big I or little i Innovation
    • Mission focused
  • Innovation Process

    • Innovation Step-by-Step
    • Design Thinking

We have a number of consultants that can facilitate innovation, design thinking, change management, and organizational transformation programs across the globe that fit with Dr. Darin Eich's Innovation Step-by-Step book, methods, and online programs.

Online Innovation Courses

About your Innovation Learning Founder Dr. Darin Eich

Innovation Speaker Darin Eich, Ph.D. is the author of Innovation Step-by-Step: How to Create & Develop Ideas for your Challenge & Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs. He is a global Innovation Trainer, facilitator, keynote speaker & the founder of Darin has been consulting for Dartmouth College & the University of Wisconsin for 7 years. He was the President of BrainReactions, a consulting company founded by UW students, where he led brainstorming projects for clients like P&G, Kellogg, & the U.S. Council on Competitiveness. Each year he works with numerous companies and universities to help them kick-off their special program, leadership conference or innovative initiative.

  • Highly Interactive Workshops

  • Tools to Innovate

  • Training Book

  • Video Programs

Creativity and Innovation Focus

Most of us didn't learn creativity & innovation in school or the usual management training programs. We need a training experience that is lean, engaging, and impactful. Leaders need to develop their innovative leadership skills and respond to the challenges that are always emerging. Dozens of clients call on us when they want to strengthen their organizational culture of innovation and foster collaboration. Many times they have a special innovation initiative, event, or program they need expertise in kicking off.

  • Respond to the rapid pace of change
  • Create, develop, & launch new products, services, or strategies
  • Develop creativity & innovation skills and learn what you didn't in school
  • Leverage and utilize new technologies instead of just getting disrupted by them
  • Design for Breakthrough

  • Make Connections

  • Generate More Ideas

  • Learn a System

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