Find training templates to get started with developing user personas.

When it comes to getting into the mind of your customers or end users, you can’t go wrong with developing a solid user persona. These helpful fictional characters are developed based on an understanding of what you’ve learned about your real customers and users. You can better understand and design for your customers needs, behaviors, experiences, and goals. In this post, we’ll share several templates from design thinking and innovation software tool Mural that can help you design your user personas. (Also check out our post on Miro customer or user persona templates for more examples.)

1. Persona Grid

This grid format represents your user’s mindset, needs, and goals. Add sticky notes to demographic details, pain points, and behaviors to analyze different opportunities and challenges that your product or service can help the user overcome. Move notes around and begin to get a complete picture of who your user is related to your design thinking project.

2. Persona Profile

This persona template includes sections to outline goals, attitudes, quotes, and general demographic and other important user information. With a very clear and uncluttered framework, you can highlight the most important information about your users to use moving forward.

3. Personas

For more advanced user personas, use this template that allows you to highlight multiple primary and secondary personas. You’ll still be able to hone in on key insights into their challenges, behaviors, and attitudes while you design.

4. Persona Profiles

We like how this template lays out the different sections of designing a user persona, from attitudes, goals, quotes, and more. Start by listing out key details as you build a fleshed-out, comprehensive depiction of your end user.

Persona Templates Conclusion

Mural is a wonderful place to find user persona templates and other design thinking and innovation resources. Looking for more resources and guides? Review these other relevant articles on our blog. Need more custom help? Click to see our design thinking training or innovation workshops which can be done for teams and organizations.